Responsible Plastics Recycling

With multiple operations in varying fields of recycling set across North America, BoMET can provide a full scope of recycling needs to its customers. With their newest endeavor, BoMET looks to expand into the plastic recycling/processing field providing its customers a domestic option using the latest technology while providing superior service.
We our transparent with our customers, and work with them to establish a recycling plan that fits their needs.

What we Buy
We buy all plastics generated from the Primary End of Life Electronic (EOLE/E-Scrap) recycling process. We are primarily interested in mixed shredded plastics from depolluted electronics that have undergone the initial shred in the recycling process. Please contact us regarding grading and have pictures ready to send.
What we Sell
We only sell recycled plastics that have gone through our required extensive recycling process. These requirements may include lab analysis, grinding, densifying, shredding and pelletizing of incoming plastic waste. We inspect and approve every product as fit for purpose and duty by checking consistency and durability. BoMET POLYMER will produce multiple plastics types for sale, however our core products for sale will include ABS, PS and PP.

Bomet Polymer seeks to deliver on our customers needs, and as an organization draw from our experience, expertise and a firm commitment to the environment and sustainability. By creating a circular supply chain, we allow customers to reduce their environmental footprint and extend the life of plastics, while being subjected to intense regulations that the Canadian market demands. Doing things the right way, makes people take notice of you and provides the safety and security of knowing where your product is going.